4.2 Million Porn Sites  Online Endangering Your Children!

Tired of Obscene content appearing on your family's computers?

Children exposed to pornography can have behavioral problems and depression..

           One third of all internet users will experience unwanted exposure to online pornography. In addition to that an estimated 40 million Americans are using pornographic sites. There are an estimated 200,000 individuals affected by pornography addiction, and there is an estimated 100,000 online queries per day for child pornography. Add to this equation the billions of dollars in sales or pornographic services and you get some idea about the size of the threat that looms over your children and your family.

          Pornography is not a victim-less crime. A significant number of porn addicts end up losing their spouses or the jobs. Time and again divorce cases have exposed excessive and shocking levels of pornography usage by one of the spouses prior to whatever event tipped over  everything. Exposure to pornography increases the chances that a child or young adult could attempt to imitate the lewd acts performed on screen, or emulate the descriptions of acts in pornographic literature. Predators can pose as social media friends and try to meet them in person. Exposure to hardcore pornography can increase the chances of children and adults becoming involved in sex crimes and assaults, and the ensuing legal and moral consequences that could turn a life upside down.

This is a danger we simply cannot ignore or hope it will go away. .

Exposure to pornography is routine among children and young people, with a range of notable and often troubling effects. Particularly among younger children, exposure to pornography may be disturbing or upsetting. Exposure to pornography helps to sustain young people’s adherence to sexist and unhealthy notions of sex and relationships. And, especially among boys and young men who are frequent consumers of pornography, including of more violent materials, consumption intensifies attitudes supportive of sexual coercion and increases their likelihood of perpetrating assault. While children and young people are sexual beings and deserve age-appropriate materials on sex and sexuality, pornography is a poor, and indeed dangerous, sex educator. Flood, M. Child Abuse Review 2009 18 (6): 384–400, ePublished November 2, 2009

"Employee porn usage is hurting Businesses".

According to Nielsen research, more than 25% of employees are accessing pornographic sites from work computers. This poses grave liability issues for business owners. Many of these pornographic sites also silently download viruses and adware into users computers with the objective of either data harvesting or displaying intrusive advertisements or even identity theft.

Many of these pornographic sites are based in foreign countries. This effectively prevents law enforcement from shutting them down or penalizing them.

So pornography is not merely a threat to children inside their homes, it is also a grave threat to companies and businesses, with wasted work hours worth millions of dollars, compromised data that could ruin lives, and the corrupting influence of pornography itself, fueling workplace harassment and sexual innuendo which we have been for a long time  trying to remove from the work place. The fight against pornography is an important part of ensuring a harassment free workplace for all.

Porn dehumanizes relationships and intimacy: "Online porn is turning home computers
into portals of danger"

This is a problem only you can solve. Because no one cares for your children more than you do. And once you step forward to protect your children, and your family from the onslaught of online porn, the battle is half won.

Porn Hurts Families. Porn Hurts Businesses.
It is time to fight back !

It is time to fight back. And rather than rely on the government or your internet provider or on some mysterios company that re-directs all your webtraffic through their mysterious servers, you can have your own 'in-house' control and protection system.

​The reason there are millions and millions of these disgusting sites is because the demand is there. There are billions of visitors to these sites. And this could include your children and spouse. There is nothing about these sites that are beneficial. They cause nothing but harm to young and impressionable minds, not to mention ruin relationships by shifting expectations to bizarre and unreal terms.

Most parents and teachers and responsible citizens are in agreement that the online pornography must be controlled and leashed. But whose duty is it to do it? Should the government do it? Or should internet service providers do it? Or should it be you yourself fighting back...

Parents and Teachers are waking up to the danger.

More and more parents and teachers and business owners are waking up to the danger  of porn. Porn is not anything to laugh it. The devastation it leaves may be silent and unseen, but when you add up the psychological damage to children, the wounds it causes in relationships and the crimes it provokes and inspires, it is obvious that this monster is something we simply have to control.

Employees using porn at work puts the business at risk.

The lewdness of online porn can traumatize children.

Say NO to online porn. Stop the epidemic.

It is time to take down online porn

  • Porn usage is rising , both at home and in the workplace.
    One in five employees at work are accessing porn according to published reports. Upto 40 % of children are getting exposed to online pornography.
  • Damaging young minds and damaging family relationships.
    Porn users develop unreal and abnormal perceptions about relationships. Many lose all perception of boundaries and norms of behavior. 
  • Epidemic levels of porn usage among children and young adults.
    Teenagers are spending around 9 hours a day on social media.Office workers are also wasting huge amounts of time on social media - time that you are paying for.

Is there a way to Protect Children and from Online Porn and Social Media?

The easiest way of course would be to turn off your computers or shut off the internet, which is not practical anymore. Another option is to subscribe to a internet blocking service, which would direct your internet traffic through their server, allowing them to filter out and remove porn. But do you really want to trust your confidential data to some strange server somewhere simply because it blocks porn? Who has access to these servers? How safe is your information?

And porn is not the only problem. We also have the devastating problem of social media over-usage. Meaning children and employees burning up anywhere from an hour to twelve hours a day on social media, accomplishing absolutely nothing for themselves or anyone else for that matter. An internet protection service should in addition to blocking porn, also provide a means to control and regulate social media.

We need  a Parental Firewall that puts Power in the Parent's hands .

No one cares more for the child than his or her parents. So it all comes down to the simple idea that rather than the government or the Internet service provider or law enforcement, the parent should be the one empowered to protect and shield the child.

Most parents are willing to do anything for their children. Parents work long hours or multiple jobs under tremendous stress, all for one reason: to ensure a good future for their children. What we need is a technology based solution that is Parent-centered, where the Parent is empowered.

Parents want pornography blocking technology that is simple and effective and does not intrude on their privacy and freedoms. And they want technology that is simple and effective to regulate social media by themselves so that their children  are safe and protected. It was with these needs in mind that NetMommy's engineering team started to work on this highly effective anti-pornography product.​

  What is the BEST WEAPON in the war on porn?

Here it is: NET MOMMY

Now it's time to present your offer as the perfect solution to everything you've been talking about so far in your story.

Netmommy is a parental firewall designed by parents. It has two purposes. 1) To block all internet porn and keep your family or workplace computers clean and wholesome.  2) To defeat excessive social media usage that is wasting millions of hours of work time and study time.

  1. Kick porn out of your home and office: Extremely powerful and effective and accurate in blocking online pornography and obscene content while allowing medical sites with sexual topics.
  2. Save time and money: By regulating social media access hours this will save hundreds of hours of your childrens time and your employees paid time.
  3. Adjustable censorship levels: You get to decide how stringent you want the controls to be You can dial it all the way from 1 to 10. You call the shots!

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Helps me keep my kids safe.”

“I used to be terrified to let my kids online if I wasn't standing there watching. However, I simply didn't have the time to supervise them all the time. they had school projects and homework that required the computer. I lost a lot of sleep over this. I used to have nightmares that criminals were messaging my kids. A friend referred me to NetMommy and it's the most all inclusive solution that I have found. Not only can I control content, but I can control social media, as well as the time they are spending on it. This solution has eased my mind and protected my children. That alone is priceless.


“"It's simple and easy and does wonders!!!"”

“It is as effective as anything else out there. I would recommend to anyone for themselves or family protection! What a great tool with many options!”


John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Hooray for NetMommy”

Hallelujah! I've been around the world and back trying to find something to keep my internet obsessed kids on the straight and narrow. The menu options on my computer quite frankly didn't work and sucked. It's not that you don't know how to make them work, they don't work. Period.

Kristina Tull

Stamp out Porn, Buy NetMommy Today

Take action now. Make your family's computers and your workplace computers porn-proof. Take control. Enforce limits on social media usage on all your computers at home and work. Protect your children now.

Your one time purchase gives you a lifetime license. No repeat subscription fees or charges. Easy to install, simple to use and rocksolid effective to protect your children.

NetMommy Parental Control

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


NetMommy Users Sharing their experience..

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“What a relief !”

“I installed Netmommy on all three of my home computers after I found a lot of really revolting stuff on them. I  don't know who has been looking at these disgusting sites but they sure won't be able to do that now.”


“My employees don't waste my time anymore..”

“I liked the fact that I could dial up or down the level of internet blockage that I wanted put on my computers. My employees used to waste a lot of time tweeting and posting on facebook. But not any  more!”


John Doe UI/UX Designer

About Us

We created NetMommy not just as a product for the market, but as something we ourselves use on our home computers.

For us the battle against internet porn  and social media overuse and addiction is a personal battle, and we bring to our products this passion that we feel. We believe this is the right thing to do..

Does it Really Work?

Well there is only one way to find out! Here is a link to download NetMommy and try it completely free for an entire week.. This is fully functional version so you will get to test out everything.

It is rather expensive..

You pay only once, and then you get to use it for a lifetime. $39.99 is a small price to pay to protect your children and your business from online obscenity and porn. Once you find out how good it is, you could also sell NetMommy on your website or facebook page and make as much as $15.99 per sale. If you are interested in selling NetMommy for a 40% commission, sign up here: NetMommy Affiliate Program.

NetMommy vs Other Parental Controls

There are all kinds of parental control softwares. NetMommy is a one of a kind unique product that was made with your family's specific needs in mind. Compare between us and our competitors:


  • Netmommy, you pay only once.
  • Your data stays on your computer.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Puts a leash on social media usage
  • Uses artificial intelligence that can identify porn sites past present and future.

Our Competitors

  • Annual fees, year after year.
  • They use their servers to route your traffic, compromising your privacy
  • Complicated to set up and operate.
  • No facility to regulate social media
  • They use lists of pornographic sites to block.

Here is what makes NetMommy the Best Choice

  • Lifetime License for a one time payment
  • Keep your Children safe and protected.
  • Stop and prevent social media addiction
  • No more porn on your home computers
  • No more time misuse by employees.
  • Cannot be uninstalled except by you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If NetMommy does not protect your computers from online porn, let us know and we will issue a full refund of your purchase price. We are totally confident that NetMommy will protect your family. We sell products that we ourselves use.

Help Section

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User Guide / Product Manual

P.S.:: We have a special, time limited offer for you. If you order rightaway, we will give you two licenses for the price of one. After you download and make your payment, email us with the hardware code of both of the computers where you installed NetMommy, and we will email you back with TWO unlock codes.But do not wait, this offer may be withdrawn any moment without any warning, and without any countdown timers!

The safety of your children and your family is important. Get NetMommy now!

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